Why Portobox? We listen to your ideas and wishes!

Are you taking part in a regatta? Going on a round-the-world trip? A regular visitor to faraway places? If so, you need assembly, maintenance, preparation and repair work on your yacht to be carried out on location. You may also need storage space for sails, rigging and materials. We meet those needs by transforming containers into mobile nautical workshops and/or storage spaces to suit your ideas and wishes. In other words: Portobox!

  • Custom-made expertise We have twenty years’ experience to draw on when advising you.
  • Custom-made interiors Everything is tailored to your ideas and wishes.
  • Custom-made finishes We guarantee the highest quality.
  • Custom-made applications We offer every convenience
  • Custom-made service We are on hand to help you, anywhere, any time.
Why Portobox? - We listen to your ideas and wishes!

The Portoboxes We enable preparation, repairs and storage on location!

By truck, ship, plane or train? Our custom-made containers allow for easy transport. That way, the Portobox can follow your yacht anywhere. It offers you an indoor workshop and/or storage space in any harbour in the world. It's a matter of mooring, repairing, preparing, storing and sailing off again!


With racking, filing cabinets and workbenches, we can create a mini-boatyard, with all your tools, equipment and materials within easy reach.

Storage space

We can help you reduce the weight of your yacht. We will find the best solutions for the storage of sails, rigging and materials that you cannot or would rather not keep on board.

Other applications

Are you looking for an office, canteen, or accommodation for your staff? Or are you considering other potential applications? We relish a challenge!

“Your own mini-boatyard in any harbour in the world”

Features We offer a vast range of options for the layout, equipment and style!

The possibilities for the layout, equipment and style of our Portoboxes are endless. A generator, insulation and LED lighting are part of the standard repertoire. Any other ideas and wishes can be discussed. Looking for inspiration? Have a look at some of our previous solutions.

Our references These are some of our customers' ideas and wishes put into practice!

From container to nautical workshop or storage space!

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